Data Back Up & Next Generation Disaster Recovery

What is BackITup?

It is vital to have a complete backup of your servers and data in the event of a catastrophic failure.  One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to maximize business continuity and avoid business disruption following a server failure.  Data loss happens…so be prepared for the worst.

BackITup provides fast, reliable disaster recovery and data protection to get your systems online as quickly as possible.  Reducing the time that your systems are offline, BackITup is the safe and secure way to assure business continuity and data availability.  Recover anytime, anywhere, from any disaster, in a minimal amount of time.  BackITup is the #1 disaster recovery solution for physical and virtual environments.

What Will BackITup Do For You?

Remove your fear of losing your data

Your data is your company, whether it be customer records, vendor records or employee records.  If you lose that data, there is no company.  You need access to all information on your server all of the time.  Extended downtime is not an option.  With BackITup you avoid system and data loss.

Stop relying on easily forgotten manual backups

BackITup provides best-in-class backup that automatically captures images of your entire system.  Automatic backups are taken as often as every 15 minutes, helping to eliminate the serious consequences of a massive loss of data.

Make sure your critical customer data is safe

Our offsite backup storage offers you anytime, anywhere access to your data.  Your data goes from your server to a virtualized and encrypted data center.  You can rest assure that your offsite data is safe with premium encryption and data center security standards.

Get back to business fast

Tape systems can be hard to manage and slow when it comes to creating and restoring backups.  Every minute lost in recovery is income and productivity lost, minimize your downtime with BackITup.  BackITup is a fast and reliable virtualized backup that will have you up and running in minutes instead of hours or days.

Disaster Recovery

Verify you are ready before a disaster strikes by preforming disaster recovery tests.  BackITup offers next generation disaster recovery testing at a fraction of the cost and time it use to require.

Take the worry out of losing your critical data with Business Continuity Planning, backup, and recovery that protects against the unforeseen.

Schedule a cybersecurity assessment

Financial Computer has the innovative thinking and expert professionals you can count on to ensure your business is safe from disaster. Reliance on our data backup and computer hard drive backup lets you focus more on your core business.

Whether your company needs disaster recovery and business continuity plan, online backup, hard drive and data backup, computer backup, offsite data backup and recovery services, hard drive and computer recovery, data recovery, remote data backup, or virtual data recovery, we'll never let you down.

Never let a crippling disaster strike and impede the growth of your business. Insist on a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that ensures a bright future with your company.