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Cybersecurity is only effective when it is applied consistently throughout an enterprise. This presents a significant challenge to independent distribution models where the broker-dealer, marketing group, BGA, or other such distribution affiliate have limited control over the infrastructure and operations of affiliated producers and their practices. In the event of a breach, this lack of control will likely provide very limited protection from liability to a distribution firm with deep pockets. The add to this challenge, the message of many distribution firms is that they will not impose operational burdens on the producer and will allow the firm to remain “independent”. This creates by definition a very heterogeneous environment with respect to hardware, software, infrastructure, and procedures—all of which must be managed effectively to deliver Cybersecurity.

The DetectIT-Enterprise solution is a unique approach to addressing this challenge within the financial services distribution enterprise. DetectIT-Enterprise is a cloud-based platform which is initiated by the sign-on and validation process for a sponsoring financial services distribution firm. The firm will define the security protocol, requirements, and base-level of protection for affiliates logging into the firm’s websites and tools. DetectIT-Enterprise can then evaluate the “health” of the device—whether PC, tablet, or phone—prior to allowing the login to continue. If the user’s device is not healthy and consistent with the minimum Cybersecurity requirements of COMPANY, it will then allow the user to sign-up for a service which will clean up and update the device so that it is consistent with the standards of COMPANY.

The criteria for the DetectIT-Enterprise evaluation will be set by COMPANY and aligned with the Cybersecurity requirements of the enterprise. However, the execution of the scan and the updates to the device will be conducted by Financial Computer,allowing an independent third-party to make the changes to the advisor’s devices and removing any concerns about access to client data or other potential concerns that an independent affiliate may have.

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