Bridging different software together for organizations

ExtendIT is that added little function that takes what your application doesn’t do and makes it do it.   ExtendIT is a collection of utilities that are used to either add functionality or connect systems to bridge the gap of what is missing within your applications.

Need help getting your data out of SmartOffice?  ExtendIT will bridge the gap between you and SmartOffice, allowing you to retrieve all of your valuable data.

ExtendIT will help with:

  • Exchange Sync for SmartOffice
  • Activity Import for SmartOffice
  • Table Extractor for SmartOffice
  • Data Export for SmartOffice
  • Attachment Export for SmartOffice

Let Financial Computer unload the burden of trying to bring together your different applications.

Let Financial Computer Services unload the burden of trying to bring together your different applications

ExtendIT from FC helps with:

  • Connectors – when there is a break in the data chain between applications “ExtendIT” mends the break
  • Utilities – what is missing from your applications that would increase the value of the application to you? 

Let FC know and we can find out how ExtendIT can help.

FC is the partner you can trust to take away the headache of bridging your software.  Our committed team delivers the very best, allowing you to eliminate stress and focus on the core issues of your business.

Watch our CEO Brian Edelman talk about ExtendIT

Brian Edelman talks about the ExtendIT Platform from Impact Productions Group on Vimeo.