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Monitoring Simply Delivered

ProtectIT-Monitoring is a cloud based cybersecurity security delivery tool that offers a comprehensive solution with features and capabilities that are tailored specifically to the challenges within the financial services industry.  ProtectIT-Monitoring will help lower your technology costs associated with configuring, reporting and maintaining your systems manually.

Monitoring solutions allow FC to keep a watchful, proactive eye on your network even when we're not physically onsite.

The Suite of Solutions Within ProtectIT-Monitoring Include:

Cybersecurity Settings Simply Delivered

There are many computer settings defined in the Written Information Security Policy (WISP). These settings typically include password complexity, automatic screen saver lock, ect... ProtectIT-Monitoring sets and enforces settings to keep computers in compliance without wasting Local IT Resources.

IT Security Policy Delivery

Protecting your client’s information and aligning with your enterprise’s cybersecurity policies is paramount. ProtectIT-Monitoring can be easily customized to meet compliance regulations quickly and easily across one or thousands of computers.

IT Security Audit Reporting

Reporting on your organization’s managed computer cybersecurity practices can be easily customized and quickly delivered.

Managed Windows Updates

Most computers have an all or nothing policy when it comes to Windows’ updates, leaving your computer broken or vulnerable.   ProtectIT-Monitoring automatically keeps servers and computers up-to-date with the latest critical security patches and software updates.  With ProtectIT-Monitoring you can streamline new software deployment and updates to every computer in your company in minutes.

24-7 Hardware & Software Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is critical to cybersecurity, performance and the overall operations of your company.  ProtectIT-Monitoring’s proactive monitoring alerts us instantly of any problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spike and memory issues.  This proactive monitoring will help keep your computer running at maximum performance.

Daily Maintenance

Unnecessary files and clutter not only slow your computer but take up space costing you time and money.  ProtectIT-Monitoring will clear up wasted disk space helping keep your computer running at its maximum performance, helping keep you more productive.

ProtectIT-Monitoring is a uniquely valuable solution because it allows your firm to apply a complete security profile at all levels of the infrastructure of your firm. ProtectIT-Monitoring provides you with a compregensive Cybersecurity solution.

Protect IT Training

Watch our CEO Brian Edelman talk about ProtectIT and how it can help you be in compliance with your cybersecurity policies

Brian Edelman talks about ProtectIT from Impact Productions Group on Vimeo.

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