Complete Cybersecurity Assessment and Solution

The Problem

Regulators are requiring an Information Security Officer be appointed in your firm. This is for the purpose of holding the Security Officer personally liable for any security breaches.

Enterprises, Regulators and Insurance companies are requiring firms to attest to the adherence of cybersecurity policies and procedures. If your firm experiences a cybersecurity breach the firm can be held accountable and denied coverage. This exposure happens when an agreement was signed and the firm cannot prove adherence to that agreement.

Our Cybersecurity Process

  • Cybersecurity Fact-finding Questionnaire
    This is the first step of our process. In this step we sit down with you and fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire will help provide us with information regarding your current technology and any cybersecurity measures you may have already taken.
  • Cybersecurity Documents Collected
    This is the second step of our process. In this step of the process we collect your cybersecurity policy and any cybersecurity documents you may have signed off on.
  • Independent Infrastructure and Operational Technology Assessment
    This is the third step of our process. In this step we use the information from our questionnaire and compare it to what we find in your office. We will review all of your operational technology, such as any CRM’s, Portfolio Managers, email systems etc. We will also review all of your infrastructure technology, such as any firewalls, wireless access points etc.
  • Vulnerability Scan
    This is the fourth step of our process. In this step we will run a scan that will assess all of your computers, networks, and applications for any weaknesses.
  • Gap Analysis - Preliminary findings report
    This is the fifth step of our process. In this step we put together a report that details your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses. We discuss any suggestions we have for each security gap.
  • Issue Resolution
    This is the sixth step of our process. In this step you will need to fix any of the cybersecurity issues we presented in our preliminary findings report. Once these issues are resolved we will need to know.
  • Final report
    This is the last step of our process. In this step we provide an Executive Summary report to show your compliance. This report breaks down our findings and your compliance status.

The Results

  • Liability Transferred
  • Chances of a cybersecurity breach are reduced
  • Reputational risk is minimalized

Complete Cybersecurity Assessment - New Jersey
Complete Cybersecurity Assessment - New Jersey

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