Managed Cybersecurity

Cyber Criminals are sophisticated and motivated

It is not just large corporations that are at risk. Even smaller advisory firms that believe that they are "under the radar" are vulnerable. You no longer have to be a big company to be a target.

Today, protecting against cyber threats is the cost of doing business. You have to do something right now, it is no longer optional.

Our Managed Cybersecurity Solution is made up of a combination of our ProtectIT, SecureIT and BackITup product suites. We are able to minimize the potential business impact of cyber-attacks by reducing the time it takes to detect, assess and respond to security incidents.

How our system works to protect you:

Managed Cybersecurity - New Jersey

By leveraging best of breed security products we are able to implement the appropriate safeguards you need. Our ongoing proactive and preventive products will keep these safeguards sustained and adjusted when necessary to deal with new threats. The latest upgrades are tested and implemented with very little impact on your current IT resources.

"If you think the cost of getting cyber secure is expensive you should compare it to the cost of a Breach. You will no longer think getting cyber secure is expensive" - Brian Edelman

Want to know if you Cyber Secure? Take our brief CyberSecurity Questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire our CyberSecurity expert will contact you to go over the results. Be Cyber Safe not Cyber Sorry.

CyberSecurity Questionnaire

Here are some great cybersecurity tips from our CEO Brian Edelman

Brian Edelman - Cybersecurity Tips from Impact Productions Group on Vimeo.